Thursday, March 31, 2011

my sweet Josiah.
you are going to be two this month and I am blown away.  I think I tell daddy everyday how I don't want you to get bigger and grow up.  I love you just as you are.  
You have been waking up some during the night and if I go in I will find you have gathered your blanket and EE and you say 'rock rock' and point to the rocker.  You love rocking, I think its your first stand of procrastination.  
You loving singing 'mamama' and 'daddy'  over and over.  No sounds have ever been so sweet.  I remember when all I wanted was to hear you say my name, and now I get it sung to me.  This week you have just started sleeping with a big boy pillow and it is the cutest thing ever.  I will just stare at you in the monitor and gush over you.  
You now love holding my hand as well.  Mostly when we are driving in the car but you will want to hold my hand sometimes when I am putting you down at night. How can you deny that?  Its adorable.  On top of that you also love having your back and tummy rubbed when being snuggled.  It melts my heart.
Anytime you get into daddy's truck you always want to drive it.  He will put you in his lap and let you 'steer' while we are in a parking lot and you just laugh and squeal.  It is such a wonderful sound.  
I am so excited for the summer to come when we can get in the Jeep because that is another new obsession of yours.  As soon as daddy comes home you always ask him about his 'beep'.  We will be driving down the street and anytime you see a jeep you will yell 'beep!'  I cant believe you can distinguish them.  
I am so excited for yet another year with you.  Our world will be turned upside down in a month with your new brother.  You are going to be so loving to him and I cant wait to see you two playing in the backyard together!! 
You will always be my first born and my little boy.  


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